To Our Valued Partners:

We strive to make every moment count with our partners. We possess historical experience and keen insight into moving large projects to a completed masterpiece. We focus on building a company around strong work ethic, obsession to the details and knowledge of solar, making sure all services provided for our partners, will create value they haven’t seen before. If you were to come across 5 Star Solar employees, you would see from their approach to every project that they don’t compromise on being successful.

Our Team

5 Star Solar's executive team has over 50 years of energy and solar experience.

We understand what it takes to lower cost for our customers and produce clean solar energy. We are constantly working to ensure that we stay on top of changing regulations and technological advancements in the industry.

This allows us to stay on the cutting edge of solar technology and innovation giving us an advantage over our competition.


James Powell


James attended the University of Montana when he was 15 years old and received his Master Electrician by the time he was 21. This early start allowed James to establish his contracting business very early in life giving him the opportunity to achieve his goals. It has always been about delivering the best customer experience on time and within budget. He knew that this mentality and his natural ability to succeed would drive his business and generate a customer base rapidly. James quickly became a "go to solar installer" over a decade ago for solar sales companies, and he has developed relationships with many over those years. James continues to provide the best customer experience through 5 Star Solar and is passionate about the future growth of the company.


Josh Powell


Josh has been a leader throughout his career from a young age. Five years after High School Josh already owned his own construction company JP Construction/JP Steel which he has ran successfully for the last 17 years. He has employed and managed anywhere from 5 to 20 employees at any given time. Building his own construction company gave Josh all the skill sets needed to excel later as an executive for 5 Star Solar. Josh has the experience to communicate the tasks and responsibilities on any level. He continues to work first-hand on the projects 5 Star Solar takes on, leading by example. Individuals know exactly what needs to get done in their respective duties due to his exceptional communication skills, natural ability to be a strong leader and approach to problem solving. His responsibilities at 5 Star Solar include operations, personnel and material handling.


Rick Jessop


Ricks role here at 5 Star Solar is to develop and implement policies and procedures for all construction teams and personnel to be able to reach maximum efficiency throughout all project stages. With Rick’s 12+ years in construction management, he is able to work with everyone from our install teams to executive members, to help create the best product in the market. Rick’s responsibilities also include managing and directing company operations to meet budget and other financial goals. He holds several General Contractor licenses in multiple states. He has extensive knowledge in solar electrical construction systems. Rick’s excellent organizational and leadership abilities allow him to manage relationships with clients, partners, vendors and management teams.


Heather Allen


Heather has an integral role managing 5 Star Solar’s Accounting Department. She ensures that the construction budgets for each project are adhered to by managing all draws, collections and compliance. Her proficiency in spreadsheets, and other financial software experience with various accounting responsibilities other the years has given her the skill set to perform financial reporting and analysis. Heather is exceptional with organizing critical details that lends to 5 Star Solar’s ease in strategic planning and forecasting. Heather was an All Star soccer player throughout High School making the team as a freshman. Heather holds her CNA along with a NAC in Early Childhood. She has been surrounded by successful entrepreneurial minds her whole life which has inspired her to excel at all of her endeavors. She worked in her own family’s successful construction business and later in her family’s childcare business handling key elements of organization in both.


Chris Bagley


Chris comes to 5 Star Solar with a strong solar sales and operations management background. He was one of four representatives to pilot what was to be one of the most successful residential solar sales programs ever created with Vivint Solar in 2010. He went on to do extensive work for 4 years in corporate sales training and recruiting in the solar industry in California for Complete Solar. From there, he went back to Utah where he ran operations for an emerging solar company that is now one of the largest solar services companies in residential solar services. Throughout his years he has established critical relationships in the area of financial, logistics, supply, manufacturing and sales. Chris studied architecture and holds an A.S. in Architecture and a B.S. in Social and Behavioral Science from the University of Utah. He is also an Army Reserve Veteran.


5 Star Solar, LLC was established to bring the best and most efficient solar design, engineering, construction and installation processes to residential and commercial customers. We started our roots as a family business developing 5 Star Solar over 11 years. We quickly became one of the top installers for residential solar due to the care and communication skills we practiced on every install. Sales companies asked us to be their installer as word spread of our expertise and timely installs. Today 5 Star Solar has completed over 2,300 engineered and installed projects in 8 States. We hold licenses in 13 States while we continue to expand daily with our partners.

Our Great Success And Rapid Growth Have Been Built By:

Access to a labor force built over 25 years that allows for scalability on any for project demands. Always representing our clients’ best interests by listening and teaching. Bringing the highest quality professionals to every project who possess the same drive to success.