The Process

At 5 Star Solar, LLC, our process is simply better. By keeping our process streamlined, you can have a smooth worry free solar installation experience. Get your solar power system with 4 easy steps:

  • Step #1 Free Solar Proposal- we analyze your home and propose the best system to maximize your solar production.
  • Step #2 Phone Consultation- we walk you through the proposal and how the solar investment will work for you.
  • Step #3 Contract and Engineering - If everything looks great, we sign contracts and submit for engineering.
  • Step #4 Installation- One day installation.

Best Price in the Industry

How are we able to offer the best warranty, best panel and best price? Simply, we keep our costs low by having:

  • Low Sales Commissions
  • No Fancy Expensive Building
  • Low Marketing Cost
  • Many Sales Through Referrals 

We pass the savings on to you!

You will see that we are organized and efficient, which keeps our cost low. These savings are passed back to you our customer. Not only do you benefit with our low price, but you will get an easy worry free transition from using the power company to generating clean free solar power energy. 

12 Month Inspection

We are just as excited as you are to get solar panels on your house. To prove to you that we stand by our work and quality we will come out after 12 months and inspect the panels to make sure everything is running smoothly. During the inspection we:
  • make sure each panel is producing optimally.
  • check each panel for any shifting or damage.
  • answer any questions you have about your panels.
  • give you a BONUS free cleaning.

Battery Backup

All solar panel installations are not the same. With 5 Star Solar, LLC your panels are able to easily upgrade and add batteries. Many of the solar panel systems do not allow the battery backup upgrade. If you were to ever want to upgrade your system you would have to take the old system down and start over. With a 5 Star Solar, LLC system, your own solar system is installed with an easy upgrade to add battery backup.


Not only do you get the best 25 year warranty in the industry, but you get Power Guard Insurance. Power Guard Insurance will back up our warranty with an insurance policy guaranteeing that you will get your warranty fulfilled.
You will be protected through the life of the warranty no matter if every company involved goes out of business. You will not get a better warranty in the industry!

Mobile App

With our solar mobile app, you can see exactly the amount of energy you create everyday. Your app will keep you informed to the amount of savings you are getting and not having to pay your power bill. You will be able to easily see each panel and the power they create. If you ever have an issue with a panel not producing during the first 25 years, all you have to do is give us a call and it will be replaced. No questions asked.


We know we are the best solution for your solar power system, but we want you to feel comfortable with your decision. Please feel free to compare us to all of your other bids. If you haven't received any other bids, go and get some from our competition.